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Hi, Im new psoriasis patient

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Hi, Im new psoriasis patient Empty Hi, Im new psoriasis patient

Post by helicorpster Sun Feb 08, 2009 6:34 pm

hi, my name is kim seng. i realized i am suffered from p last year end of november when it suddenly spread to my whole body, including neck, scalp, back part, leg, hands and front body. Im so down.
i went to pj uptown's Dr. Koh and he relieved my symptoms a bit with pinetarsol and sebitar at the beginning but it seems i have different level of "seriousness" on different parts of my body. bottom part of my leg and front body are 70% controlled after use of pinetarsol but back part of my body and upper part of my legs are almost the same bad condition as like before.
i have tried to be a vegetarian for about 1 week and it didnt work for me.

i believe i have P many years ago but it's just i didnt realize it. That time it affected my scalp and leg and i did go to pharmacy to buy cream and tried to cure my legs but it didnt work. For my scalp, at the beginning i thought this was some normal hair problem only but after confirmation from Dr. Koh, i realize i've got this unknown disease.

P has affected my lifestyle and causes financial problem to me. Next thing i wanna do i think is to find a chinese traditional doctor. Actually im quite worried about the systemic treatment introduced by Dr. Koh as it might cause some side effects.

Here i have few questions to ask my friends here, and thousands of thanks to u:
1. is MTX an expensive treatment and how long u have to undergo this treatment usually?
2. anyone of u here has recovered 80%-90% ?
3. anyone of u here has recovered 100% and the symptoms never come back again? i heard some chinese medicine did 100% cure from some old folks but i doubted they are lying to me... Sad
that's all my friends, hope everyone has a happy and wonderful life, we must help each other to kill P.


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Hi, Im new psoriasis patient Empty Re: Hi, Im new psoriasis patient

Post by EcSTaTiC Mon Feb 09, 2009 12:55 pm

Hi Kim Seng,

First of all, I would like to tell you that chinese medicine don't work, or rather, they don't have the cure either like western medicine. I have seen a few chinese traditional doctors before and all they told me was, "I'm very sorry, we have no suitable medicine to cure your disease but I will prescribe some medicine to cleanse your blood". It's either that or "Just take these medicines and you will be cured in a few days" and then you go home with a big smile on your face clinging on that tiny bit of hope which turns out to be a huge load of b*llsh*t.

1) I'm not sure about the price for MTX but period of treatment varies depending on the condition of your liver I think. Your doctor will constantly ask you to get blood tests from time to time if you're under MTX.

2) I have recovered >90% for quite some time, but my scalp problem came back during Chinese New Year though but I just found out I forgot to take my MTX for quite long lol.

3) I have heard stories about that for years. I wrote some of them in a thread here. Read it if you haven't. Do contribute some too.

I believe in western medicine more than chinese medicine. Why? Because chinese medicine are not extracted for the specific chemicals that is needed to cure a disease which means there are some other substances present in the medicine they prescribed therefore in the long run, you might suffer from other diseases. After what Psoriasis has did to me, there's no way I wanna get involve with other diseases.

My advice is, accept the fact that Psoriasis is a part of you now and it will never go away. Regarding the matter of which medicine works best, you need to go through various types like everybody else, Trial and Error method. Medicines that worked for other people does not necessary work for you so you have to switch around and find the suitable one (e.g. Elomet never worked for me since day 1, I've been trying Elomet lotion for scalp for a few days now and STILL no effect or watsoever except for the fact that it 'burns' if I apply on open wounds)


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Hi, Im new psoriasis patient Empty Re: Hi, Im new psoriasis patient

Post by qse150 Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:42 am

hi there ..its been a long time since i check in here. Glad to have some new comers. Welcome.

And btw ... kin seng, there's no cure for P. sad to say but there's a lot of way to control it. for me atleast there's only minor flakes on my scalp and my arms n face are clear. Use to be very serious. but my legs and body and back ...ugh ... lol!!!


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Hi, Im new psoriasis patient Empty Re: Hi, Im new psoriasis patient

Post by Ellie Sat Feb 28, 2009 11:04 pm

hye, i'm ellie..21 years old..yesterday my doc jus diagnosed me wif psirosis..act. it's been a year i've been havin' the symptoms of psirosis..i take the initiative to search it on the net and i found that the symptoms that i had were similiar wif's kinda shocked!!!! i told my parents 'bout it but they doubt it..still my instinct said it is psirosis..the next day i went to a derm..(she been my consultant ever since) she first said it was a seborrheic dermatitis since i had a severe scalp prob wif flakes every time i comb my hair, red patches and serious inflamed scalp..i believed it occurred right after i did my rebonding..i thought it was jus a bad dandruff but the symptoms proved me derm prescribed me with polythar shampoo..the red patches was not completely will still come and i need to use the shampoo ever since or it will appear again..but it gave me a bit relieved.

A few weeks later there's somethin' like tiny red spots appeared at my back, legs and arms..the red spots get intense day to day... and bigger..i went to my derm and she finally diagnosed me wif psirosis.. Neutral

I am aware that there's no cure for this disease..and i had to depend on ointment and medicated shampoo..i also been prescribed with colestrum milk which i've been told it can help my abnormal antibody to reduce as my derm told that psirosis is caused as i got lots of antibody and some of the abnormal antibody attacked my skin.

It jus came across me to think 'bout my future since i still have a long way to go..i'm a student.. dealing with people around me now had been hard..b4 i was a girl who liked to laugh and smile a every time i try to have fun i start to think 'bout this disease and it ruin the whole fun that i had.. it jus got me angry when people gave a me a weird look..lucky i had a roommate that really understand my condition right family whom always care 'bout me..givin' me an extra's kinda weird sometime to get them called me by phone every day..

I know many people here had deal wif psirosis for years and i can say you all had been so taugh and full of courage that you can go on life as normal as possible..I am new and many things lingered in my mind right i ever goin' to have smooth fair skin like b4 again?? do people around me gonna accept me??

I know it is not the end of the world...and i gonna live with psirosis and try to accept it as fate...and of course to pray hard!!!! with hope there would be cure and i can live like other people...

I hope that by joinin' this forum people here could give me some advice and courage to help me live as normal as other people did..and get me inform 'bout treatments that might help...

still stay strong..ellie..


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Hi, Im new psoriasis patient Empty Re: Hi, Im new psoriasis patient

Post by Dom Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:44 am

Hi Ellie,

Thanks for your post. Apologies for the late reply. It's been 10 days since your post. I'm Dom the admin here. Due to immense time constraints at work, I check the forum periodically.

First thing to note - you've come to the right place where you can learn from other Malaysians who have psoriasis.

Second thing I would like you to consider - ensure that you have a derm that you are comfortable with and that is a progressive derm on the subject of psoriasis. Not all derms are well versed in the psoriasis. If you don't think your derm is helpful - look around till you find one. If you can't find one, let us know via PM (private message) and we can recommend.

Some quick questions:
(a) Please tell us what type of psoriasis you have? From the sounds of your post - it seems like guttate which what I have. Please confirm with us or ask your derm to diagnose with you?
(b) Please let us know if you have systemic or localized psoriasis? Systemic = entire body or many places. Localized = a few specific areas

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Hi, Im new psoriasis patient Empty Re: Hi, Im new psoriasis patient

Post by helicorpster Sat Mar 07, 2009 7:47 pm

mine is systemic guttate cos i have a lot on diff part of my body with "drop" shape of red dots and patches. Currently im using Dermaveen bath oil and QV bath oil and Nutraplus cream to control my condition


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Hi, Im new psoriasis patient Empty Re: Hi, Im new psoriasis patient

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