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Psoriasis Treatment & I

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Psoriasis Treatment & I Empty Re: Psoriasis Treatment & I

Post by Admin Thu Nov 13, 2008 7:11 pm

Hi Alvin,

Thanks for your posting. You're not selling stuff are you?

Cuz on this page

... where the sell stem enhance, your mobile phone is listed there as the contact for sales.

You are welcome to this forum to share your views but really, this forum is not a place for direct marketing agents.


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Psoriasis Treatment & I Empty Psoriasis Treatment & I

Post by alvinwong Thu Nov 13, 2008 4:21 pm


My name is Alvin Wong from Subang Jaya.
Aged 49, was diagnosed as a psoriasis patient some 15 years ago.

Well, I has it only, thank God, a small patch on my left index finger. It was very itchy and I had gone through a lot of medications and creams,; both atopic & steroid creams but none of these could heal me.

I thank God for only this small patch and I had it completely healed about 9 months ago. Since then I did not have any flare-ups...nothing.

I am scary to hear you people having such extensive psoriasis.

For this , by the grace of God, I stated a new website mainly for all health matters to assist as many people as possible to know more about health issues; let alone on psoriasis.

For the matter, please visit my website at:-

I had started to post new articles there but have yet to post in any article on psoriasis. In fact it is my next assignment to post articles on psoriasis...including my experience on how to manage my psoriasis problem. Please bear with me yet as you may not be able to see psoriasis articles at this moment. Give me about a week or so before I have this sorted out.

In the meantime, please feel free to enjoy reading other articles as well.

Let me tell this much about psoriasis. It is an auto-immune disease; meaning it has something to do with our immune system where our cells are attacking our other cells. Just be a bit careful with the food you eat, the medication you use (some being steroids may affect your kidney in the long run), and your physical conditions.

Thanks & hope to hear you guys. I can be contacted at:-

or at 012-3701961


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