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4Life Product for Immune System Dysfunction

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4Life Product for Immune System Dysfunction Empty 4Life Product for Immune System Dysfunction

Post by Lawg Sun Jun 13, 2010 6:40 pm

Hello everyone,

My name is Lawrence Goh and I have come across this product that MAY help those with Immune System Dysfunction, as Psoriasis is, I believe, due to immune system dysfunction.

I do not have this condition.

The following is an abstract of clinical studies on Atopic dermatitis:-

1. Rev Alerg Mex. 2005 Nov-Dec;52(6):215-20.

[Transfer factor as specific immunomodulator in the treatment of moderate-severe
atopic dermatitis]

[Article in Spanish]

Flores Sandoval G, Gómez Vera J, Orea Solano M, López Tiro J, Serrano E,
Rodríguez A, Rodríguez A, Estrada Parra S, Jiménez Saab N.

Servicio de inmunología y alergia, Hospital Licenciado Adolfo López Mateos,
ISSSTE, Florida, México, DF.

BACKGROUND: Atopic dermatitis is a skin inflammatory disease which has been
associated to high levels of IgE, eosinophiles and change of T lymphocytes. The
transfer factor is an immunomodulator active substance and decreases the number
of inflammatory cells and the severity of the symptoms of atopic dermatitis.
OBJECTIVE: To determine the efficacy of the transfer factor as treatment of
moderate and severe atopic dermatitis. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Articles related to
treatment with transfer factor in the atopic dermatitis were looked up in Medline
and EMBASE, and the ones referring to controlled studies in patients with
moderate and severe atopic dermatitis in accord to SCORAD. RESULTS: We found
seven articles with 121 patients and 88 controls demonstrating significant
decrease in the symptoms of the SCORAD index, decreased IgE, and eosinophils in
patients treated with transfer factor. CONCLUSIONS: The transfer factor is a
choice treatment for moderate and severe atopic dermatitis.

PMID: 16568705 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

---- and ----

Transfer Factor As A Good Therapeutic Agent In Moderate And Severe Atopic Dermatitis
Authors: D. Navarro-Cruz**, E. Serrano-Miranda*, M. Orea-S**, S. Estrada-Parra*, L. Terán-Ortiz, J. Gomez-Vera And G. Flores-Sandoval*.
Institution: Department Of Immunology, Encb, Ipn.** "Lic. Adolfo López Mateos Hospital"/ Issste, Mexico City
The current knowledge of Transfer Factor (TF) actions as an immune response modulator has lead us to investigate its usefulness in-patients with atopic dermatitis. These patients that are unresponsive to the conventional therapy, show a cellular immune deficiency so that we believe possible to obtain a clinical improvement with the use of TF. We did a prospective, comparative, experimental study with 30 patients with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis (AD). Laboratory examination was performed in all patients: complete blood cell count, IgA, GM and E determination, lymphocyte subpopulations CD3, CD4, CD8, CD4/CD8 ratio, CD25, rosette formation for B and T Lymphocytes, coproparasitoscopic examination, throat and nose cultures, nasal cytology, skin test of cellular immunity to PPD, thrichophytin, candidine, varidasa, skin prick test to pollens, fungi, inhalants and foods.
All patients underwent a sign and symptoms grading score system as follows: the parameters were erythema, pruritus, eczema, papule valorated on a scale form a 4+to 0:0= no symptoms, + mild, ++= Moderate, +++= Severe, ++++= Very Severe. Initially all patients received one placebo unit every 15 days orally 3 times, then one after 30 days. Laboratory examination was performed and then treatment with transfer factor was initiated, 1 unit every 15 days three times and the fourth 30 days after. 15 days after the last dose a new immunological evaluation was done.
Results showed a decrease in CD4, blood eosinophil and IgE, although they are not statistically significative. There was a statistically significative improvement in the 4 clinical parameter measured: erytema, eczema, pruritus and papules.


As you can see that from the above two abstract, transfer factor shows to have improvement on those condition but no specific mention of Psoriasis. The studies are independent of the company 4Life.

Currently studies are going on worldwide on transfer factor for all immune system dysfunction condition which also include cancer which when 4Life came into Malaysia in 2005, that was and still is it's focus but now have decide to widen it's focus.

Kindly be advice that the company, 4LifeResearch, have decided to market its products under the MLM business module.

Currently there are about 1,000 doctors from MDs, Oncologist to Pharmacologist have joined as member, not because they want to do the business but because there is no other way to get this product.

Let me know if you want to find out more, no obligation whatsoever.

Thank you.
Best Regards.


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