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Post by pjamess Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:58 pm

G'day all,

my name's Paul Sebastian,
I'm new to this forum, intended to join this for a long time already but kept procrastinating.

I've been having Psoriasis since 2002 and it's been growing steadily,
it improved when I first started taking Olivenol in Oct last year, but after a bout with Stress (the trigger) it has returned with a vengeance.. Now I also experience arthritic pain in my ankle and toe.

Am still taking Olivenol, anyone got any feedback on this?

I consulted a Rheumatologist last week and he sincerely suspects that is it psoriatic arthritis. Have been referred to go to Hospital Selayang to try out some new medication (well not really new.. it's been around since 2002), Enbrel or some others.

It's all quite expensive, I was wondering if there's any subsidy from anywhere to help ppl who are just getting by with their salaries etc.

Paul S


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