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Post by tonytony Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:13 am

Dear all,

Have been following the progress with this forum for some time, but have taken a long time for me to register (which is now). Kudos to Dom and others who has contributed so much to this forum.

My name is Anthony and i've been a sufferer since i was a small child. can't remember when i started to notice it, but what i remember is it was always there, so i thought it was normal. how wrong was i !!!!! however, my case is considered mild. still, it has had a profound effect on me, especially psychologically all of you might also be familiar with.

worse parts are my scalp, certain spots on torso, groin area and all my finger and toe nails. i visit my regular doctor (Chu Skin Clinic @ PJ Old Town) once in a while to get some scalp cream (mild steroid based). basically this is what i use to control scalpP. i use it sparingly though. on other parts, i've always just more or less ignored it and used Daivonex (Leo Pharma) until a few years ago whereby i told myself to proactively find a permanent solution. i've learnt alot about this condition and how powerful drugs to treat severe cases can be hazardous in the long-run. hence, i tried to avoid using it as much as possible and am on the alternatives wagon now. there must be a natural way to cure P, just a matter of time, discovery, experimentation and faith.

from my experience, there are certain factors to watch/control when it comes to P. top of the list is to lead a healthy lifestyle. i'm into sports and have participated in almost all kinds of sports. now i play squash twice a week and until recently also included futsal and indoor sports climbing in my weekly agenda. secondly, diet. i very much believe the mantra 'rubbish in, rubbish out'. all of us are different, but for me just employing logical and practical approach to things, everything in moderate amounts, not too spicy/fatty/high protein and important factor is water. i drink at least 2 1.5L bottles of water a day on average, have been doing so since high school days and i believe plays an important role in regulating the severeness of my P. lastly, positive thinking. i will always believe and will never stop learning/looking for a cure for P...and doing so with an open mind and practical approach. I very much accredit the severeness of my P to my self discipline on the above factors. it could have gotten worse and P could have taken over my body.

lastly, this is an interesting forum catering to malaysians with P, but sadly so under frequented and informed. surely there are more of us out there than this ?? either that or some who have found something that works doesn't want to share with all here. personally, if i know of something that MAY help P, i'll definitely report it here so that all can also benefit, or at least hear about it and learn. i've known another guy who has P, have been able to control it with a herbal cream bought in Muar, but refused to share the name of the shop and address with me with the excuse of being bz to find out. naturally, i've cut all contact with this person due to his selfishness and i hope members here are predominantly here to share our experiences.

thx for the forum, all looking forward to sharing with you guys/girls.


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