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How I overcome My PA and Stop MTX

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How I overcome My PA and Stop MTX Empty Re: How I overcome My PA and Stop MTX

Post by Dom on Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:24 pm

Hi Kurniasihat,

Thanks for sharing Smile and the information provided.

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How I overcome My PA and Stop MTX Empty How I overcome My PA and Stop MTX

Post by kurniasihat on Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:40 pm

In 1997 I had been develop PA(before that suffer psoriasis past 12 years) and consume MTX more than 5 years.
At present I had been successful completely off MTX for past 4 years. And NO more serious stiffness .
All the joint pain within my control :very mild joint pain . Praise God,if reoccurrence also with in a few days will be overcome.:through strong diet control and Bone adjustment and watch out overall health care.

I do like to share some of my personal experience and opinion toward how I overcome the PA.

The serious of PA:
Last time my hand and finger pain until unable open the shirt button .all my movement felt with great pain and consume mtx from 2 a week up to maximum of 7 dose per week.

I strongly believe psoriasis is inside health problem and should be overall holistic treatment ,so that enhance the immune system.
I do like to take this opportunity to thanks Uncle Kho from Tg kerling Perak,Ms Jessie Tan,Mr Dominic Wong,Uncle Larry and other successful people whose had been overcome or well control their psoriasis mostly through natural alternative::-inspire me to seek for alternative way to improve my psoriasis condition.

I give up the MTX gradually (base on tolence of my joint pain) and i had been totally stop apply all type of steriod cream medicine and now my skin are well under control only roughly 10 % of body flair out:- off and on reoccurrence with the skin problem,normally due to stress and late sleep and NO STRICT CONTROL OF MY DIETS

I do consume herbal and many type of supplement do help but must be careful consume and some are NOT suitable .
I do find that the most helpful supplement is enzyme and fresh vege and fruits .
I do penetrate to many malay traditional way of eating ulam:example ulam raja etc.
The reason for me to went into malay traditional consumption :
I strongly believe that there are stay here very long time and accumulative of wisdom of eating and living.

And do like to share the principal of health management.
M-MUSIC :Good quality of music can make me peaceful and clam.
S-SITTING POSTURE ;Wrong way of sitting will affect our overall health ;

E-EMOTIONAL: SOMEONE SAY 70% OF ILLNESS DUE TO EMOTIONAL AND 30% DUE TO PHYSICAL :WE need to balance our emotion and with a thankgiving heart and learn how to forgive and forget for those whose are offen us and not right to us.

N-Nutrition:We need to take roughly 9 combine fresh vege and fruits per day.
That Food be your medicine and medicine be your food.
We are what we eat!!
Chewing the food and many time as possible at least 15 times.

E-Exercise: Though exercise help enhance our immunes system but be careful choose the right and suitable exercise.Need to do often exercise.

W-Water:We need the right water.

S-Sun:I always open the window let the sunlight come into my room .
Regular open the car doors :purpose let the fresh air circular inside the car.
I often take sun bath before 9.30 am roughly 20 mintue.

T-Temperance :Now I often practice NOT to full of stomach.the best is 70 to 80% full.

A-Air breath in fresh air as our body cell need it

R_rest: enough rest and best time before 11pm went to sleep
T_trust: trust in God

Everything contrimost important assest in our our live bute bit by bite enhance our allover health.but take at least 6 months than can feel the change and improve the health.

Normally we doinvest time and money and read a lot of books and research toward related to our careers and business but hardly invest time and money REALLY understand the is how our physical body work and how to enhance our overall health!!!
We just take for GRANT And Assume We are Expert know how to take of our overall health!!!

Book to recommend
The psoriasis Cure By Lis Le Van
The natural alternative healing Psoriasis By Dr John Pagano
Any Kind of Skin Diseases can be radical cured by Naigaikyoukou method by Darumae Tsaie
HOW TO EAT AWAY ARTHRITIS reverse and expanded By Lauri m.aesoph
Sayuran Khasiat makanan & Ubatan By Ong Hean Chooi


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