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Dom's Diet

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Dom's Diet Empty Dom's Diet

Post by Dom Thu Jul 24, 2008 2:22 pm

HWK, QSE150:

Hope you've found your way to this thread. Reason I wanted to place my sharing here is cuz it is categorized under Treatment Discussion & Diet Approach. The following is my personal diet based on experimentation and personal preferences (e.g. don't ask me to eat ginger ever cuz I can't stand it ) Crying or Very sad

Oh, I also make sure I have enough carbs, protein, fiber and minerals/vitamins cuz I'm kinda a skinny guy. BMI 19 or 20 I think.

Following are my guidelines:

Break Fast (Smoothies - Nearly Everyday)
- GNC SOY Protein Powder - Any GNC
- Natures Own Brown Rice Powder (Carbs) - Can get at TMC Bangsar
- Banana or Apple or Guava
- Glucolin (Glucose By Glaxo)

Morning Suppliments - Multi Vitamin, Vitaman B (Love Berocca), Acitretin (heh heh),

- Rice (preferably brown but I take white too cuz brown hard to fine unless you work near a organic restaurant)
- Chicken (breast where possible) and kampung or free range where possible at restaurants. I know 2 Chinese restaurants that have kampung Chicken which is Nam Hiong in Sri Hartamas and Restaurant Ipoh Chicken along Jln Gasing PJ
- Soy
- Vege (no nightshades i.e. pagano)

- Almost same as lunch
- Fish (soy sauce not fried)
- 2 Litres of water a day
- Soy ice cream or yoghurt (if I can afford it)

Exercise - Gym 2-3 times a week. Mix of Cardio (threadmill) and Resistance (machines and free weights at Damansara Utama Fitness First - cuz my wife works with FF ... got staff rates haha)

Haven't done yoga. Tried going 2 weeks back with wife but chickened out at the door cuz only ladies inside


None of the following:

- coffee
- Alcohol (durn miss beer)
- Shellfish
- No friend food esp French Fries (and anything in Mcdonalds accept Ice Lemon tea makes me flare. But porridge kinda ok but not everday.... so bland!)
- Carbonated drinks ( I do drink 1-2 small cup a week, thanks to acitretin)
- Don't smoke
- No red meat including no pork
- No junk food (Pringles will flare me up!)
- Minimise Wheat products a lot (i.e. pasta, bread, oats,etc) - maybe only on weekends cuz it is really difficult to eat out without ordering stuff that contains wheat. I do this too cuz I have IBS (hence gluten free diet)
- No coconut too - so minus nasi lemak, prawn mee, curry mee, cendol, etc
- No dairy i.e. no ice cream or yoghurt and only sorbets

I'm kinda a "eat to live" and not "live to eat" person .... so there you have it.

Last but not least, since I am on Acitretin - I've noticed that I can eat some of the prohibited foods and the flare up is not that bad. But I still try to stick to me guidelines.

The above info may change in the future but for now, this is my regimen. I notice that if I have the will power to stick on it for 4-8 weeks straight without cheating - I'm down to maybe 0.5% or 1% P.

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Dom's Diet Empty Re: Dom's Diet

Post by qse150 Thu Jul 24, 2008 2:54 pm

My lunch for today ... rice with fried chicken on lemon sauce and hot and spicy taufu ...all home made Razz

My dear Dom, if i were to undertake what u are doing.... i might really die. Coz i am totally opposite of your type. I am the "Live to eat" type.

and man i cant imagine i skip my morning nasi lemak from masjid jamek if i were working in kl. I do go outstation to kl once in a while. I make sure i stop by there to tapau nasi lemak with extra sambal.


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Dom's Diet Empty Re: Dom's Diet

Post by qse150 Thu Jul 24, 2008 2:57 pm

Okie ... currently for me ...i can wear tshirts or singlet. So u guys can guess which part of me is quite clear up except for a few little spots. But i cant shorts.

My lower part of my leg got a big patch but my thigh has been cleared for nearly 6 months and all i do to maintain is to smearing lots and lots of aqueos cream on myself. My back ...sad to say also had a big patch in the middle. My front got a lot of small patches too but its going away soon Very Happy i had a big flare up after chinese new year. couldnt control myself Razz booze


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Dom's Diet Empty Re: Dom's Diet

Post by kalish88 Fri Oct 01, 2010 6:37 pm

it would be better for him to stay away after working out for a couple of days and eat a lot of protines to help his muscles rebuild. its never good to keep on pushing your muscles to work out because each time after working out ur muscles tear a little bit, and after a couple of days they rebuild a little bit bigger. so my advice to your friend is to work out one section of your body one day and another the next. the three main would be upper body and back, core, and lower body. after working each part take a at least two days off to let your muscles rebuild and for better results eat protines atfer each workout.

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Dom's Diet Empty Re: Dom's Diet

Post by tasha Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:27 pm

Hi Dom, how did you figure out what your 'prohibited foods' were?


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Dom's Diet Empty Re: Dom's Diet

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