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Background check on Herose medication

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Background check on Herose medication Empty Background check on Herose medication

Post by vincentc Mon Jul 11, 2011 6:45 pm


I was doing some background check on the Herose medication, distributed by Healthmanna, KL, when I stumbled into this Forum.

I'm a P sufferer from Miri, Sarawak since 1999 and when I was working in KL back in 2008, I got to know the above medication thru a seminar organized by Healthmanna at Plaza Pantai. Photos/testimonies of patient recovering from P were shown during the seminar.

Since I was on Tropical treatment for the last 2 years before taking the medication, I was advised beforehand that it would take longer period for the treatment to work. After taking it for 2 years +, my P have yet cured and some of my lesions have multiplied and grown. Nonetheless, for the past months my lesions on both of my legs are now of whitish/pinkish hue and 2 months ago island patches of normal skin developed within the lesions (thought I am still observing if the normal skins are expanding or not).

Out of curiosity, I started to do a background check on this medication and for a medication that is seems like a miracle medication for us, there seems to be little coverage of it.

I would most grateful if fellow boardmembers can provide me more background info on the Herose and Healthmanna. Thanks.

BTW I'm an Architect working back in Miri and have been doing my darnest to control my stresses and diet.


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