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Post by ribenaberry Mon Jan 04, 2010 5:56 am

ello many of you i have psoriasis. I had it since i was 18 but very very minor only on my scalp and it even went away for a good one year...completely. Since i have started working and with the nature of work i do...the P has started to comeback slowly but only on my scalp and it was very manageable at this point i was only using Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo.Now, its been 12 yrs since i had it, its getting worse. It started last summer when i found out i was pregnant with my 2nd baby...small small spots on the legs and arms and by the time i had the baby til now, my scalp is almost covered with P and the spots on the body are getting bigger. This has made me completely down and not helping the P either. I just hope my lil angels dont have to go thru what im going thru.

I have been to many derm but they all gave me the same meds...the steriods creams...diprosalic, daivobet, salibet, dermovate..etc and to be honest im tired of it. Due to me breastfeeding i was not able to take anything stronger but at the state i am now, i think i might have to give up the breastfeeding and take it.

Can anyone reccommend any good derm in KL. Im actually living overseas at the moment and haven't found a good derm here. Looking forward to go home in April to see some derm.

Got an appointment with a so-called excellent derm this tuesday...wish me luck!

Im happy to have stumble to this website. take care.



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