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as long as the first time really chipped..

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as long as the first time really chipped.. Empty as long as the first time really chipped..

Post by james21 Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:40 pm

supra shoes Fear of exclaim voice across the street from the pedestrians a mouth, for most people, the scene is perhaps a lifetime cannot see the last time, and see a living young bumped into by the car fly out of the scene is enough to let ordinary people exclaimed.Soon, the men were wounded in which will be surrounded by, although all exclaim in for help in, but obviously, that the young to be bump fly, now the whole body size m is not far away from death, blood, the crowd and does not have a doctor, natural no one dared rushed up to do any emergency measures.WeiJingFeng first opened the door and sprinted past, running through the crowd, the look,
water grip see the earth and the young corners of the mouth is still in a lot of blood spilled, body on the tics, a more handsome face red with suppress now, there seems to be a odour can't the and uncomfortable.WeiJingFeng just look at, immediately squat in the young side."Brother, are you a doctor, don't touch him, we have for an ambulance!"The crowd saw someone suddenly ducks check the injured body, he worried about the move will accelerate the wounded death, so speak reminded, at the same time ask WeiJingFeng is a doctor, if the doctor, they will not say anything more."Well!" WeiJingFeng know if this time but themselves is a doctor,
Supras TK Society Shoes if you put your these good intention person won't make you move the wounded, was immediately well 1, the look was very quiet looking at young, he was heavy and calm, frowning slightly CuQi, and observed the young, suddenly hold down after a young, the finger chest place in the chest several points near the massage.If human body from external violent collisions, often visceral organs such as the whole building can be affected by severe broken or temporarily in a dormant state of ' 'work, if have no medical emergency measures, the injured will soon because the heart function of temporary strike and death, often many of the traffic accident is the wounded are there in no to be science and the right care under the condition of the lost soul.
adidas water grip WeiJingFeng observed, this young bumped into by the car after legs seemed to fly by a damage, but the problem is not big, the most important thing now is to this young visceral because accept to can not stand outside force, was the violent collisions of the fracturing of edge, internal organs many organs is about to lose the operation function, must through some special ways for the injured maintain normal metabolism of operation, otherwise, wait until the ambulance arrived, only afraid the wounded were dead.WeiJingFeng mind has five hundred days, can say did memory defender who do at that time as a day, not just federal first master practitioners,
jordan discount shoes he is a captain federal tens of thousands of budo master chief general, uniting the xuan TianJiu never more because of the human body acupuncture point and all have a deep understanding, know the human body acupuncture point is in the infinite power and other use, he now that several of the injured massage acupuncture point can be effective stimulation of the heart of the vital organs, such as running, arouse human body itself of the great potential.Less than ten minutes, WeiJingFeng already sweaty, can't, he now TianJiu breaches of obscure just just introduction, there is no any fix for the body also is just reach, the strength of the modern ordinary special military and,
Supra Skytop Shoes for a heart pulse was almost crashing of the several important points of the body massage is very cost strength and energy to WeiJingFeng now the mental status and function of the flesh, is a little difficult.WeiJingFeng some helpless, the heart also began some anxious up, if after five hundred years, in their own ability, this young mo said just the car was badly wounded, even if is the heart, as long as the first time really chipped let him he has to rescue them to maintain its life, but now he is very sweaty, of course, if after five hundred years, the development of the human body function levels have unconventional,
supra shoes like just this degree of car crash may not let a person have the life sorrow, after five hundred years of human body had evolution in a certain strength, the role of the external force to bounce is very big also, internal organs such as the heart and not like modern so vulnerable.One side for the injured massage, WeiJingFeng heart and thought, it seemed to him that fix for ascension as quickly as possible, why not save, but do not want to see side have so innocent people die, or if in their own physical condition in the now this unexpected things, if you put your will, like this young life as at any time there are dangerous.


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