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EcSTaTiC's Believe It Or Not?

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EcSTaTiC's Believe It Or Not? Empty EcSTaTiC's Believe It Or Not?

Post by EcSTaTiC Sun May 04, 2008 4:27 am

These are stories that I've heard or read about psoriasis and some unorthodox methods that claimed that they could cure psoriasis. This is just for sharing purposes only and I will hold no responsibilities if anything happens to you when you try these out.

MYTH 1: Honey, the cure of wonders?
My dad told me a friend of his who suffered psoriasis for a long time was cured when he went to see an old man who is quite familiar with ancient Chinese medications and what the he did was he was only asked to drink a glass of honey mixed with water everyday and somehow his psoriasis miraculously disappeared after some time. It's been about 4 years+ after that and he's still perfectly normal with no psoriasis spots.

MYTH 2: Miracles of a holy man
A friend of mine who's currently studying somewhere in KL said a caucasian priest came by who is known to perform some sort of miracles. My friend was a volutary worker at the church then and what he saw was several man who seemed to have red patches around their body similar to mine got cured the next day after the priest prayed for them.

MYTH 3: Using faeces (shit/najis) as medicine
My aunt who is from Sabah said the natives in Sabah used cow's faeces to apply on the red lesions and somehow it works for them. Its said that cows eat alot of grass and some of the different types of grass might contain some herbal medication in them.

The application of cat faeces to red lesions on the skin, for example, was one of the earliest topical treatments employed in ancient Egypt. .

MYTH 4: Anti-psoriasis leaves?
My dad's friend told me there's one type of leaf that can cure psoriasis by grinding it and mix it with a bit of salt. Simply by applying the mixture a few times and the red lesions will disappear. I forgot what the name was but I will attach a picture of it if I can find it.

MYTH 5: Driving away bad spirits
The local Melanau ethnic group believes that cases like psoriasis happens because accidental 'collision' with bad spirits. The bad spirits can be driven away by mixing a few types plants and burn it on charcoal. Lock yourself away in a private room such as bathroom and smoke yourself with the smoke produced from the mixture of the plants. The 3 plants or rather grass are taken from a T-junction from 3 sides.

MYTH 6: Praying method, Mahayana Buddhism style
I've heard religious Mahayana Buddhists saying that in one of the Buddhist sutras, there was one which stated that Ananda (a devout attendant and disciple of Siddhārtha Gautama) who had once caught a severe skin problem (the descriptions were quite similar to psoriasis) and turned to Siddhārtha Gautama for solution. The only solution Siddhārtha Gautama gave was reciting the Great Compassion Mantra. Validity is unknown due to lazyness to go through thousands of books to verify.

MYTH 7: Psoriasis in Bible
Scholars are arguing whether tzaraath(means unclean as they come in Hebrew) actually refers to psoriasis or leprosy or etc but experts believed that Torah refers it to psoriasis (psoriasis was also mentioned in Leviticus). Majority of Jewish literature generally regards tzaraath as a punishment for sin. The followings are what they speculated as the cause for tzaraath:
-an evil tongue (malicious gossip)
-a vain oath
-illicit sexual intercourse
-miserly behaviour
For more info please refer to wikipedia.

To be continued


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EcSTaTiC's Believe It Or Not? Empty Re: EcSTaTiC's Believe It Or Not?

Post by helicorpster Wed Feb 11, 2009 6:57 pm

hi all, for MYTH 4: Anti-psoriasis leaves, i have tried it but it didn't work for me.
this cny i went back hometown and my friend's grandma told me that her daughter got P too last time. after applying the method a few times, her daughter had escaped from P(100% recovered).
i will try to get a picture of the leavers if possible when i go back to my hometown, it's a "wild grass" actually.

my friend's grandma told me a very important sentence , " if the disease u got is really psoriasis, u will recover after applying this method. u won't recover from psoriasis if the disease u got is not psoriasis". But im not sure this is truth or not

1 thing im doubting is whether the red patches and dots on my body are psoriasis or not. because last night i went to see a chinese traditional doctor and he said my condition looks not like psoriasis but other types of fungal. in chinese it's called " 金钱廯“ , or by pinyin " jin qian xian" or in cantonese "kam qin xin".
im really blurred, and it makes me wanna go for 2nd time to get the confirmation from specialist.


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EcSTaTiC's Believe It Or Not? Empty Re: EcSTaTiC's Believe It Or Not?

Post by EcSTaTiC Thu Feb 12, 2009 5:30 pm

lol so many kinds of 廯. Someone told me mine was 牛皮廯 (niu pi xian) a.k.a. cow skin xian, (I don't know whether the chinese words are correct or not because I don't know how to read chinese haha).

Actually I doubt what we have is actually 廯 because if I'm not mistaken, 廯 actually refers to fungal infections (e.g. if a folded skin part of your body are always exposed to sweat and not properly clean then it gets red).

Anyway thanks alot for your contribution.


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EcSTaTiC's Believe It Or Not? Empty Re: EcSTaTiC's Believe It Or Not?

Post by Shah Tue May 26, 2009 11:15 pm

curing psoriasis mentally?

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EcSTaTiC's Believe It Or Not? Empty Re: EcSTaTiC's Believe It Or Not?

Post by dewadurjana Sun May 23, 2010 12:16 am

change your life style.... its can control your P


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EcSTaTiC's Believe It Or Not? Empty Biologic treatment

Post by senhangsang Thu Apr 28, 2011 1:36 pm

Hi, I'm a research analyst for psoriasis, and we've learnt that psoriasis is a genetic disease. What happened inside you showed on your skins, so whatever treatment you use (i.e: cow faeces, cream, leaves mixture) is just treating the surface of the disease. You've gotta ask your doctor/ dermatologist to give you better medication, it's when you're being treated for internal. It helps if you tell your doctor you're really sick.


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EcSTaTiC's Believe It Or Not? Empty Re: EcSTaTiC's Believe It Or Not?

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