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how does he learn all not line..

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how does he learn all not line.. Empty how does he learn all not line..

Post by james21 Wed Jun 22, 2011 10:42 pm

tk supras ChuMing breath look completely of the department of sword, and then remember in heart gathered. Worship the worship the skeleton, carrying gold out of the hole, breathing the fresh air, a few mouth gave a cry letting off steam.In this fall under the confusius, ChuMing phoenix is clearly understand this truth. There will be HouFu survived So he started to practicing sword, for he swear ten years and beyond.And then, he began to exercise every day, from start with the company of gold, he began to exercise physical, dynamic, speed, agile feeling, flexible feeling, because have innate and the qualifications of the land had lived return often have to set-up, he practice very quickly.
poele supra But he always felt strange, because no matter how oneself practice that promise wrote on the internal "jianfa practice method", what the heaven and earth and heaven and earth, collecting a essence, spirit, open suction deep breathing, sit bosom if it around, natural absorption, be a limbs demonstrated to four points to the body, then everywhere...... And so on, how does he learn all not line, say will be puttinged in internal force demonstrated, even natural absorption limbs is not straight, feel a month to sit down and nothing changes, big feeling anxious, recall and land and that they are practising kung fu has caused anger and wizards, think two people settle is partnership cheat him, because he cannot be gathered. Even the internal force.
Discount Supra Practiced for half a year, the body strong up, get taller many, but always can't learn to practice law, so he internal feel may not have the talent, he decided to skip the internal organs, direct practice, even though there may be no promise sword internal strength will be large enough decrease, but this, he may be my next time will never learn.ChuMing he don't know, his body in the big 12 point by land once used to carry all the whale reactive blocked, will force into his body, although lu had to ChuMing of internal force of the internal force, but it is used to close the dragon poison. The three big hole less head, body of the three big hole, ShangXiaZhi six big hole, it is not possible to practice of internal strength.
Supras Bandit Mid Shoes ChuMing not know it.So he jumped over the internal strength to learn, direct began to learn, and used his sword for the sword, also is the four method.So, ChuMing big practice fencing, although there is no internal organs, but because of his hard work, the body parts and sword up resonance with the sword, but person move, with a sword. He don't know, it took him six years of time to learn, someone else is more than ten years or even decades to master. Lu had not deceive him and ride, he is a martial wonder, but also greatly beyond the point where they can imagine, may be due to the death of the land had let ChuMing made determination, not lazy, study hard, plus the abyss, a precipice nowhere dun, can only take acrobatics.
Supras Cuttler NS Shoes Six years from a 13 year old ChuMing unqualified himbo, become a very mature adults, looking at the age of 19, he looks like the height of the six feet for his long body stood out against the handsome face, appears to have several to twenty.Fall, at noon journal, phoenix, sunny illuminate to come in."Shout!" ChuMing will face from the river water pumping out, has dumped, way: "the gold in the blink of an eye you also with me in the below this for six years?"One side of the gold and back to the two funky sound.Say to the gold, the six years but long many, only a foot long had it, now also have a horse height. ChuMing long although very fast, but the bird is also slow, after all, the bird but kunpeng.
Supra Skytop Shoes The rest will be four chu method, looking at the look up the river fish swam, suddenly, he then inserted, newsletter like lightning general has to put up fish, and then pick the fish, into a gold in the mouth, smile way: "you is good, eat every day, while, article several help me with a few to!"Gold finish the fish of epictetus, his head, and seemed to be very disdainful of yelled at two sound, and deploy large wings, glamorous, according to the light of the fall is a brilliant art is phoenix, seems to be say again, not I, you've had a noon, don't catch fish, even daily life can do well.ChuMing saw, laugh, way: "you are puffed up? I would have the fire.
Unisex Supra High Top Shoes Gold a listen to, and turned away, with great eagerness, pack up their wings, and seems to want to ChuMing the silent treatment.ChuMing helpless, and plug in a fish, and gave it to gold, way: "ok, so with my gold, of course I will give you the reward for the pull."Gold fish come over, see not ChuMing accept hand, a bite, maybe not in the hand of the ChuMing also.huMing is bitten eat pain, waving shouted, "open the mouth, open your mouth, you idiot."Listen to the gold, the bite more tight some.ChuMing meal feeling helpless, hurriedly pleaded, "the gold master, hold your horses mouth ah."sk for a gold to open your mouth, and let the hand of the ChuMing. Look at his own hand out chu have two more long long trace, greatly deplore, way: "I am but practicing sword of ah, this hand but baby? Not to hurt!
Discount Supras Gold is not in reaction, and looked for a place alone, plop lie down, eat satisfied and then sleep.ChuMing shook his head, shrugged and picked up four method, stood up, and find a bright place and started practicing sword.A year before he has already all jianzhao master, and a year down, he tried to use all kinds of jianfa to make up for their internal combination without the great flaw, he thought, just and others spell, confident he can beat the fencing many players, but if your opponent on the internal against, the consequences will be turned to their is no longer, and so he kept secret, the jian in actually to go up again in the first half of the floor, his small, slightly into the method of the many actually against, but this is limited to ZhongXiaJi other internal force, if the ride that strong against the swordsman, he is very angry of didn't..


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