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20. Death..

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20. Death.. Empty 20. Death..

Post by james21 Fri May 06, 2011 11:33 pm

Emergency room.ed hardi A and a green light from the room in this night flying out of, so shiny."100 will!" Lu had braved tired in the ChuMing scarred body will inject a qi 100 hole."The wind pool!""Tianzhufeng!"Three holes, lu had completed gasping for air and sweat, he obviously feel the internal force are DanTian little erosion.Then he also must continue, there are big holes nine ways were waiting for him. He zheng big eyes, a voice cried, and then in the chest of a continuous ChuMing god seal, too b, cloud gate three acupuncture point injection qi, completion he YanHei almost in a stupor. A"Mr. Lu!" Flat referrals can't help cried, "you......"Lu was a motioning with his hand, also don't talk, continue in the days ChuMing upper springs and less changling three holes, big sea on qi closed.
ChuMing is injected air jordan retros into the three word after continuous shook the number qi, finally stand down.One side of flat elders exclaimed, "Mr. Lu indeed as expected is contemporary the first person, so badly still have so YaoWang strength inside, the old man and two times even third way joint points are all sealed no, is really ashamed of tight!"Lu had ignored, also can say he is simply have won't listen to, right now he has been stone deaf.Flat interfaces can't keep watching, again is turning, cannot bear to look at.Lu had big wheezing breath, eyes have begun a fuzzy, seems will soon not inspect content, but only poor three to the big holes can be completed ChuMingLong poison to the closed. Lu had bitten to grind teeth, continue to raise pale hand, cohesion, and out from refers to DanTian on lower limbs QuQuan.
All three holes to each point ed hardys once again point last big hole is too, suddenly feel brook DanTian an earthquake, the body then unrest once, throat and mouth a sweet, one mouthful blood jet, the difficulty of breathing moment will rise.Flat looked, hurriedly come forward to the elders, and took out bottle hold spilled black Dan medicine, no matter how many all bundled into land had his mouth.Flat interfaces also feel wrong, turn head a see, see lu was almost out, startled, hurriedly stepped forward, also took Dan medicine, no matter how many went to land had mouth plug.Lu has a mouth Dan medicine not completely, again to a mouth, in distress situation, had to a motioning with his hand, spit take this, many noises.then last bit of internal force, raised, a green light flashed.
ChuMing body like general continuous jordan retros sloshing by electricity to for a moment, until lu had to quit, just stop.Lu had finished this last point, one mouthful atmosphere but out, booth to pour in the ground, flank two people hurriedly squat, will he hold.See now, and the land was flat interfaces 7 hemorrhage, has put out a hand and touched his big white hair, frighten of flat interfaces butt sit down. Nearly a"Forehead... blare.................." Lu was a groan, mouth one Yang, hoarse after the way 1: "hin haze, yan haze..." The small, no more sound a little while, never a noise.Flat interfaces slowly-rotating upward a roar, close your eyes and long is not moving.The night is so long, let a person have to feel bored.God wall below.Many hero watched on a list for god wall a son xiaoxiang disappear, the name with his mouth, the is not letter of color.
"What happened today?Adidas Water Grip God wall failure not become?""Who say is not? This xiaoxiang son first 'resurrection', and then be touched, what does this mean?""Maybe died again?""Feed, mo want to open this joke, this world someone kill that 'monster'?""...""Today is surely keeping god gens opened small bifurcation!""..."In the Confucian guest wine, a tsing yi above old man looked days, long give a sigh, niandao way: "no night long song days YanYu long as satisfying, xiaoxiang do. Through the ages, but there MouJun carrying countless enemy!"Tsing yi old heroic atmosphere after every glass, read, and sprinkled wine glass broken fingers a twist will go with a blazing mt.huandshan, and return overdo, said to himself: "one brother is easy!"A bolt from the blue sky, sound great, ring reverberate in the faint between surrounded.
Ether as ink, starlight in,jordans release dates a star has also fall....Emergency room.ChuMing long to wake up, eyes, ears fuzzy buzzing alone, after a long while, just returned to normal, looked at sight status, suddenly got a fright, hurriedly dropped down, hope the lookout covered with blood, seems to have lu cry out: "general, hoarse, grandpa you how the grandfather, how full of blood?"He shook land once, see land once or motionless, eyes closed, not the heart of the more pulled more tightly, looked at the man and eager beside asked: "flat uncle, flat grandpa, my grandfather he what? Why are you so sit! Quick save him! Flat uncle, flat uncle, beg you help me grandpa! Beg you!" Discourse, is almost behind with to shout out.Flat elders did answer, not only thin stud the his eyes were full of compassion, meaning.
Flat interfaces long give a sigh, eyes shut,Nike Gladiator MD Sandals slowly said: "well, tomorrow, you sorry! Land old gentleman have contact."Chu state listen, earthquakes, took a shock the tears, crying, frame shouted: "you how so severe deceive people, grandpa died, you're a liar!"Flat interfaces, head low down shook his head.ChuMing saw that the two men spoke again, anger way: "you are not first 100 days? You're not may bring back to life! How even grandpa can't save! You! You shit Tuesday that are not!"Flat elders listenned to this words, a little bear, the zheng eyes, desire to say a hand, flat interfaces to stop, way: hastily "is, I even a man flat interfaces a kid all incurable success, I had the title first 100 days!" Spoke more and more excited, simply standing up to the door, a boxing, suddenly the door to break into countless disc fly out.


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