Managed to cure psoriasis after 12yrs

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Managed to cure psoriasis after 12yrs

Post by subra on Sun Sep 09, 2012 6:32 pm


I have been diagnosed with psoriasis since 12yrs ago . But at time it started from scalps which easily said as dandruff and was given so many shampoo which in turn maybe accelerated the psoriasis spreading to my face and whole body. Life was in full of pain as that time little info was known about psoriasis. As time goes by, my sleep affected after it started to spread to my leg, back and elbows. Last year, one of my mom fren working in factory introduced 4life Transfer factor Advanced formula. I was taking it for 8months which in turned fully cleared all the psoriasis and return the skin to as normal skin . This is the pic of my hand before i was taking the product:

This is the pic after 8 months


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